Reactions: Tester Season 2 Episode 5

This weeks challenge directly correlated with the gaming industry. It wasn’t some weird challenge that had the contestants running around a maze–it was a challenge that made each team pitch a game concept to a focus group and judges.

TripleThreat and War Princess were deemed the creative directors for their respective teams, which gave them the ability to pick who they wanted to work with. TripleThreat chose Scooter, Ches-ka, and more or less was stuck with Big Fazeek. War Princess chose Mo Chocolate and Gaymer.

TripleThreat and her team were “bleeding ideas,” but even from watching them create it you got the sense it didn’t make sense. Big Fazeek had the same intuition, he thought the game was stupid and confusing. He himself stood in a corner with his hands on his head trying to wrap his brain around the game concept. He tried to input ideas and warn his teammates that the game didn’t make sense, but because the team disliked him and refused to work with him they dismissed all of his ideas.

War Princess’s team took a different approach, they first decided to discuss the genre of the game, before they delved into the storyline. Her team seemed to work more cohesively, and you could get a grasp of the game before they went to pitch their idea.

TripleThreat’s team was very confident, they felt that it was a marketable game concept. However, when it came to present their game, their presentation floundered. The focus group looked confused and bored. To top it off, Big Fazeek threw in multiplayer without it being discussed beforehand. During the question and answer period they couldn’t provided concise answers to the questions, because the game was so confusing. The panel asked how was the camera’s flash going to work as a weapon. TripleThreat responded that the flash from the camera would do the damage. Truthfully other than that, the game was incomprehensible, and I would explain it if it was possible.

During War Princess’s pitch time, they had a very organized presentation. They gave background the of their game, then continued to explain the mechanics, and the storyline. Their game was platformer, geared toward children, however if the presentation had a blunder it was, they tried to make the game seem like it would attract adults. The protagonist was a young boy who dreamed of a water world, with the evil sharkface and his octopus minions terrorizing the world. As he traveled and completed a level he would gain a pearl of wisdom, from a clam. The only questions the panel had for them was about demographics, and how it would be perceived and marketable. Overall, their game made sense, and they relayed their game, almost to perfection.

When it came to elimination time, TripleThreat’s team was on the chopping block. The judges focused on TripleThreat because she was team leader and most responsible for the game. However, Big Fazeek’s role was taken into consideration. During elimination Big Fazeek came out and said, “I thought the game sucked”.  He continued to explain that he tried to give them ideas, but they wouldn’t listen. Instead of reprimanding the team for not working with Big Fazeek, Big Fazeek was punished for not working with them. If I am not mistaken, everyone in the loft hates him, and they have said numerous times they will not work with him. Also, Big Fazeek l showed last week, he can work with his nemesis, War Princess. So, based on past history, the teammates demeanor toward him, as a panelist I would have read the situation differently. Luckily, for Big Fazeek, the challenge was about creativity and the ability to communicate your ideas thus, TripleThreat had to turn in her tester badge.

I hope the judges look back at the footage and see that Big Fazeek tried to help, but he was shunned and therefore, was unable to work with the team.


Reactions: Tester Season 2, Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Tester, featured a challenge based on precision, and teamwork. Two teams (red and white) were required create a routine based on steps used in the military.

All of the red team participated, while the white team, only had two people participate outside of the leader calling the shots. The white team was victorious because their team was most precise.

The challenge was based on precision and teamwork, but a quality that an employer should also look for is determination, and the red team showed that. The red team wasn’t as precise, which is what hurt them in the end, however, the judges didn’t even mention that their whole team participated. The red team, remembered the PlayStation tester oath, while the white team only said part of it.

War Princess helped teach people to do the steps properly, but because she wasn’t precise and in line with everyone else, she was in the bottom two. Samurai, who was the leader in this competition and also in the bottom, took the blame for the faults of the team. He didn’t fight to stay in, which War Princess did, so he was sent packing this episode.

The red team should have at least been recognized for their strength, while the white team should have been questioned as to why the whole team didn’t participate.

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