PS Vita Impressions

I got my Vita during launch week. As a Sony fan (and critic) I thought I’d share my thoughts on the system.

First off, the system is gorgeous. It isn’t a bulky as I thought it would be. For how often the touch screen is used, my screen is actually still clean. However, with the touch interface, I would prefer to be able to use the directional buttons and the action buttons to select applications, so I don’t have to touch the beautiful screen so often.

Immediately upon starting up my Vita, I launched Near. I found it a great way to see how many Vitas were in the area. Also, I don’t play online games too often, so it is a great way to meet friends in the area, and stalk them if you wish. My main complaint is when I got back to school– I couldn’t get online.

For all you college kids, like me, beware that the Vita is not compatible with WPA-Enterprise networks, which most colleges use. So, you might find yourself traveling to a local coffee shop and using free WiFi there. For, me even Starbucks wasn’t working, which made me a little more than frustrated. Currently this is the most major flaw I’ve seen using my Vita.

Also, people with PS3s, you won’t be able to view and compare Vita trophies on the system, for some reason they don’t show up. Hopefully Sony will fix this soon. But is isn’t something that pisses me off like the Wifi issues, more of an annoyance.

So, for anyone who really wants the Vita, I say go and get it. If the problems that I’ve pointed out here are detrimental to your handheld experience I say wait.


Happy Gaming!