New Year’s resolutions are a load of crap. Everyone knows that whatever people say they are going to improve about themselves will dissolve within a week. The sad thing is despite this everyone feels they need to make a resolution—heck I’m even writing an article about it.

I’ve neglected to officially make a resolution this year just because I don’t find much point in setting myself up for failure. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals.

I’m not calling my goals “resolutions,” because I don't want it to be about the New Year. Some of my gaming related goals are to try to play games that I wouldn’t normally be interested in, even if it is just at my boyfriend’s house. I always have a lot going on, but if I manage my time better, I can not only have coveted relaxing time, but gaming time. Finally, I want to blog more. I looked at my archives and saw that I only post about two posts a month, I want that to change—maybe start out with a post a week and increase from there.

These are just regular goals, because if I say I am doing this because of the New Year then I am not doing it for me—and that in itself is failure.

What are some of your goals both gaming and non-gaming?



  1. I don’t think I have ever made a resolution come to think of it! Maybe im just THAT lazy. For gaming I want to get as many games 100% completed (achievements) because I am addicted to getting that gamer score up. And for non gaming, getting a higher GPA, and getting my blog views up to some pretty steady viewing numbers!

  2. I can’t platinum (trophies) the games I play either require many play throughs or the trophies are way too difficult for me to care. However I want to finish more games cause I’m ADD when it comes to games.

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