PSN Change: Did Sony betray its Customers?

Come November 18th Sony will change its policy on PSN downloads. Currently people can download content on up to five devices, but soon that will be chopped to two. Games bought before the 18th won’t be affected, so buy everything you want now.

The main problem with this change is that some households have more than two PS3s or PSPs. Even if the parents aren’t gamers their children very well may be, and Sony is now asking families to buy games more than once if they have more than two devices. Is it just me or is that crazy?

If downloadable games were on disc people could play them on ten consoles and no one would care. If you buy the game it is yours and should be treated as such. In an early blog post I complained about Sony not letting me change my account to a master account. In that post, I mentioned that currently I can mooch off of my mom—well now I can’t. My parents have two PS3s in the house, so now not only can I not handle money, but I can’t download games from my mom’s account because that would be over the limit.

So either I should to be able to download games from my mom’s account, or handle my own money. But really I’d rather handle my own money.
Some people were abusing the system, which is probably a reason for the change. However, families with multiple systems, especially the PSP will be impacted by this change. I just hope with this change kids who have grown up with the PS3 and are now out on their own can handle their own account and decide which devices they will download their games on.

Not having freedom to handle one’s account, or handle one’s games, as they want is a betrayal.

What are your thoughts on the change? Comment below.


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