PSN Outage, Lawsuit Ridiculous

Last Wednesday, the PlayStation Network shut down due to an “external intrusion.” Just yesterday, six days after the hack, Sony told its customers that their personal identification was compromised. Sony currently doesn’t have evidence that credit card information was also obtained, but Sony advised its customers in an email to take caution.
It is too bad that the PSN got hacked, and I know that Sony did everything it could to find out what happened. Sony, however, has come under scrutiny for not telling its customers soon enough, and now Sony is facing a class-action lawsuit from a California law firm. Rothken law firm filled the suit because Sony “breached customers’ trust.” The lawsuit is ridiculous. Taking into account the scope of the intrusion, and the fact that Sony shut down the network as soon as it caught wind of the attack, you can’t blame Sony for taking this long to conduct a thorough investigation. Sony had a huge system to go through and had to figure out exactly what went wrong, that is why it took Sony six days to finish the investigation and contact its customers.
I hope Sony wins this case, because every network that is on the internet is capable of being hacked. Hackers make a living learning new ways to breach a system, and no matter how strong your system is a hacker can hack it with enough time. The gamers just want to play their games online with their friends, and Sony should be left alone to work on that instead of dealing with a nonsense lawsuit.



  1. The fact is, it still shouldnt have taken 6 days to warn customers that their info might have been compromised AND that same info should have been encrypted rigth from the start. It’s not the first time that a site or network i use has been hacked but i’ve always been warned as soon as they noticed something wrong. So i dont think it would make every company who get hacked open to lawsuit but it would warn them to respect their customer and warn them as soon as they know something wrong. (sorry for my english my first language is french)

    • Yeah I understand that they took a long time to publicly say what was happened. I honestly think (and it may not be true) that Sony didn’t know themselves the scope of the attack until probably a short time before they notified customers. From a PR standpoint say they came out immediately and said your information had been accessed, then after further investigation it wasn’t as bad as they previously stated, I think also would have had the same backlash as this had. Obviously this could have gone better for Sony, but as a customer I believe that they did the right thing the best they could.

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