Pokemon Black & White: The Next Step

Playing Pokemon is a necessity, not because it is a revolutionary game that deserves all the credit in the world, but because Pokemon is addictive. It is a game kids start playing young, for boys they want the strongest pokemon in the game, for girls, like me, want to establish a team of companions that can not only beat up other trainers pokemon, but are somewhat adorable as well. Honestly, Pokemon Black doesn’t have the cutest pokemon, actually they are quite scary almost digimonesque. However, as said before Pokemon is addictive, you play one you’ll play them all. That is why I broke down and bought Pokemon Black, and honestly it was a very good decision.

Pokemon is always the same game. You set out to complete your pokedex and therefore set out to become the champion of your region. The game always includes a “Team Rocket,” or an organization that tries to hurt pokemon or the pokemon world. As your character always just so happens to come in contact with them you are dubbed protector of the pokemon world. The difference with this part of the story is what separates Pokemon Black, with all the previous versions.

Before you just had a few encounters with the bad guys and one of them being a major part of the plot. This time around--Team Plasma is the plot. Team Plasma gives a purpose for your character’s goal, to battle all the gym leaders and the elite four. It can be said, finding cute or super strong pokemon of different types was not the only motivation for completing the game. There is a defined purpose, which is to save the pokemon world.

If you are a person who has managed to avoid the addiction to Pokemon, I commend you, but you are never too old to play this game, and I recommend that you start back up with this series with Pokemon Black.

Now as a Pokemon fan I want the series to continue to grow and improve, and what is about to be said has been said before—and refused. But, I have a way of doing it. It would be successful because the way this generation works.

The next step for Pokemon should be an MMO. Let this be explained. In the Pokemon animated series Ash come across people of all different types, and professions. So, a Pokemon MMO would work exactly the same way. Since it is an MMO, take out all the NPCs, and they will be replaced with players. If someone wants to be a gym leader, a breeder, the champion, a pokemon ranger, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, whomever, they can. In this version of Pokemon the world is run by the player, they choose who their rival will be, and what the goal of their journey is. If they want to be evil, they start their own guild of Team Rocket. The possibilities are endless.

Now, before it was mentioned that people could be a gym leader or a member of the elite four. Well, the way the system is made right now, would leave an elite group of members who get to have these jobs. Elite four is easiest to fix, if you manage to beat the elite four and the Champion you become the new champion. If as the champion you lose you are pushed down to the last member of the elite four before the champion. Gym leaders are more difficult, but the best solution I can offer is guild for each town, and the leader of the town operates the gym, as the hierarchy of the guild changes so does the gym leader, this will account for people who stop playing for a while.

Pokemon is at its most opportune time to make an MMO, because each region; Kanto, Sinnoh, etc. would be a server. Allowing not only many people to play, but and organized way of separating servers. Gamers can change servers at any time, keeping their party of pokemon, even if they are not native to that region. This will create diverse parties of pokemon, and thus diverse trainers.

This idea has most likely been told a bunch of times, and all have been rejected thus far, but it should be reconsidered, because this generation thrives off of social connection, and non-linear game format. People love choices. People want to be able to experience every Pokemon game in one, but with the choice for the story to be their own.

It is time, for Nintendo to give gamers a true community, even if it means promoting Microsoft’s computer gaming empire.



  1. This! Pokemon MMO would be awesome. Though the reg. RPG is addictive enough.

    • Yes Pokemon is one of my favorite series. Not many series can give you the same exact game with minor difference and keep customers coming back. I just want to be as close to being a Pokemon trainer as possible and I think an MMO would do it best. Unless we genetically modify our animals to shoot fire from their mouths.

      • Yeah however unlikely an MMO might be, I think it’s more likely than succeeding in the genetic engineering. But I agree, this is one game I think a lot of people would enjoy getting closer to the role.

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