PlayStation’s NGP: Are You Excited?

The next generation PSP is officially announced. The new system currently codenamed Next Generation Portable (NGP), finally has two analog sticks. The NGP doesn’t just solve that problem, the new system will have trophy, friend, and messaging support. In addition to these sought after features the NGP will have six-axis motion sensing. Among many new attributes the NGP will host a OLED multi-touch screen and a rear touch pad, also the system will include GPS features. The feature is said to not only be used for traditional GPS uses, but also a player can see who else is playing in the area, and what is the most popular game in that area. Some not as intense features include, front and rear cameras, and a microphone. With the NGP players will always be connected with both Wi-Fi hotspot and 3G support. UMDs will be a thing of the past because the NGP is taking a play out of the failed PSP GO’s repertoire. The NGP will have digital distribution. Don’t fret the system will also have a physical form of playing games: flash media format.

A price point for the system has yet to be released, however Shu Yoshida told Game Informer’s Phil Kollar,“Hopefully when we announce the price, people will see the proper value.”

There is no official release date for the NGP, but Joystiq talked to Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, and he said,“I think our goal is, we would get at least one territory out by the end of holiday 2011.”

New hardware is all fine and dandy, but without software support the NGP will fall flat. Promisingly enough there is said to be 82 developers and publishers working on the system. Among them are Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Activision.

Are You excited for Sony’s NGP? Do you have any concerns for the system. Tell us below.



  1. I will buy the ngp on release day :), just check the“>ngp gameplays here

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