Reactions: Tester Season 2, Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Tester, featured a challenge based on precision, and teamwork. Two teams (red and white) were required create a routine based on steps used in the military.

All of the red team participated, while the white team, only had two people participate outside of the leader calling the shots. The white team was victorious because their team was most precise.

The challenge was based on precision and teamwork, but a quality that an employer should also look for is determination, and the red team showed that. The red team wasn’t as precise, which is what hurt them in the end, however, the judges didn’t even mention that their whole team participated. The red team, remembered the PlayStation tester oath, while the white team only said part of it.

War Princess helped teach people to do the steps properly, but because she wasn’t precise and in line with everyone else, she was in the bottom two. Samurai, who was the leader in this competition and also in the bottom, took the blame for the faults of the team. He didn’t fight to stay in, which War Princess did, so he was sent packing this episode.

The red team should have at least been recognized for their strength, while the white team should have been questioned as to why the whole team didn’t participate.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below.


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